Sears Island Tours

Publicly-owned, 940-acre Sears Island is the largest undeveloped island off the coast of Maine. By a happy coincidence, most of the useful wild plants found along the Maine Seashore live here. Also, the islandís interior presents a fine example of many of the habitats found throughout Maine.

My summertime tours begin at the causeway at the end of the Sears Island Road and then head east along the beach. Here, in the intertidal zone and also slightly above the high tide line, are dozens of wild edible plants. At each stop, participants get a history and background of the plants, along with their best uses.

Extended sessions include the beach walk and also, a trip through the islandís interior. Here, we note a great number of useful wild plants usually found at inland sites.

My book, Wild Plants of Maine, features photos taken on Sears Island. To purchase this book, just ask your local bookstore or order one from my blogsite, using PayPal. Alternately, you can order direct from the publisher at Just Write Books, 14 Munroe Lane, Topsham, ME 04086, (207) 729-3600,

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